dog goggles

Does your pet have chronic pain or inflammation?  Chronic ear problems?  A new injury or recent surgery that’s causing them pain?  Laser therapy can help with all of these and more!

Laser therapy utilizes a technology known as photobiomodulation.  By introducing therapeutic wavelengths of light to damaged tissues, photobiomodulation stimulates the mitochondria within cells to produce energy for healing.  Laser therapy also causes vasodilation, improving blood flow to damaged tissues and decreasing inflammation.

Laser therapy appointments are quick and painless. In fact, most pets enjoy the warming sensation of the laser.  Not to mention, you can snap an amazing picture of your pup in the “doggles”!

Read more about laser therapy and arthritis in our blog article A Multimodal Approach to Arthritis and call us at 804-360-0111 to set up your consultation!