Your pet’s teeth are made of the same materials that your teeth are!  While we humans know that we have to brush our teeth twice a day and have them cleaned twice a year, your pets can’t tell you that their teeth need to be brushed.  We at West End Veterinary Clinic understand that, in your busy life, brushing your animal’s teeth may sometimes fall by the wayside. That’s okay!  We recommend several different in-home dental care options such as dental wipes, water additives, and special diets formulated to help prevent dental disease.

Even with all of the in home care in the world, your pet will eventually need a dental cleaning.  This is an outpatient procedure where they will be put under anesthesia to have their teeth scaled and polished, just like your dentist does.  Dental x-rays can show us if their teeth have any problems under the surface, and any teeth that are found to be severely diseased can be removed (or “extracted”) during this procedure.  We recommend regular dental cleanings, especially for small breeds of dogs, to prevent costly and painful extractions.

Call us today to see if your pet’s teeth are due for a cleaning!


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